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Prof. Dato Dr. Nik Muhammad Nik Majid, my Ph.D. Agroforestry Studies, Supervisor, at the Faculty of Forestry, Univeriti Putra Malaysia delivering a Graduate seminar on "How to Write a Research project proposal for Ph. D. Forestry and M. Sc. Forestry degrees.       

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Majid, N., Hashim, A., & Abdol, I. (1994). REHABILITATION OF EX-TIN MINING LAND BY AGROFORESTRY PRACTICE. Journal of Tropical Forest Science, 7(1), 113-127. Retrieved April 21, 2020, from

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One person has been injured after a road bridge collapsed in Aulla, northern Italy, but it could have been so much worse. Reports say there were two vans in transit when the bridge broken into several sections and fell onto the banks of the river Magra. One man was taken to hospital via helicopter with minor injuries, while a second individual escaped unharmed from his vehicle.

"The bridge collapsed on itself," said the Mayor of Aulla, Roberto Valentini, who carried out an inspection on site. Residents in the nearby town of Caprigliola said they heard a "roar" and sounds "like falling rocks" at around 10.30 on Wednesday morning. The collapse is also believed to have damaged a gas pipeline, and residents had reported a leak. A company spokesperson for Italgas said their emergency services had acted promptly to block the spillage.

"In normal times it's a very busy bridge, but with the coronavirus lockdown this morning when the failure occurred, only the two vans were involved," said an executive for local traffic police. The structure at Albiano Magra is approximately 400 metres long and 7-8 metres high, and is located right on the border of Liguria and Tuscany, in the province of Massa Carrara. The bridge had last been inspected on 3 November, after a crack was noticed on the surface asphalt following heavy rain.

But Anas, who own the structure, had declared that there were no "dangerous conditions". Gianni Lorenzetti, president of the Province of Massa Carrara, says the inspection was carried out in the presence of the municipal councillor of Aulla and the police, and the municipality had reassured citizens that "traffic would not be restricted". The Minister of Infrastructure and Transport, Paola De Micheli, has requested an immediate report from the company Anas, following the collapse.

Albiano Magra is located just over 100km away from Genoa, where 43 people were killed in the Morandi viaduct collapse in August 2018. A Euronews investigation found that there are around twenty badly-damaged motorway bridges in Italy currently under investigation. In addition, the country has approximately 200 illegal tunnels, which don't comply with European standards and 1,000 viaducts which have not been assessed in years.

The region of Liguria was found to be at the centre of the crisis. "The collapse of the Albiano Magra bridge could have been a tragedy if we had had the traffic of ordinary days", said Enrico Rossi, President of the Tuscany Region. "This is yet another demonstration that the infrastructure of our territory is now in a state of disrepair," Rossi said in a statement.

"Hundreds of billions more investments are needed to repair the infrastructural and territorial collapse." "I am more and more convinced that the Government must commit itself to assign special powers to all public institutions in order to start the work already planned and financed everywhere." "I ask Anas to explain what happened, that in a very short time the bridge be rebuilt, giving proof of efficiency and responsiveness".

The Mayor of La Spezia, Pierluigi Peracchini, said the whole province is "in dismay" at news of the collapse and offered his "immediate and maximum collaboration". The Liguria Region has also offered its support and said it be working to assess the effect the road collapse will have on transport connections in the local area.

"Infrastructure maintenance must become a top priority for our country," tweeted Giovanni Toti, President of the Liguria Region. "I find it unacceptable that two years after the collapse of the Morandi bridge in our country there are still construction sites slowed down by a bureaucracy that is becoming the real enemy of the Italians." "Checks and maintenance are required immediately on all our roads, viaducts, tunnels."

One person has been injured after a road bridge collapsed in Aulla, northern Italy, but it could have been so much worse .  Reports say there were two vans in transit when the bridge broken into several sections and fell onto the banks of the river Magra.

Italian bridge collapses

How WHO is re-imagining and fixing the links in the supply chains during COVID-19

WASHINGTON: The US president said the government's top infectious disease expert, Dr Anthony Fauci, would not testify in the House of Representatives but only before the Senate.

He argued this was because 'the House is a set-up. The House is a bunch of Trump haters.'

He later, said the US 'wants' and 'needs' to reopen amid the coronavirus outbreak.

WASHINGTON: The Former President Barack Obama called the United States' response to the coronavirus pandemic an "absolute chaotic disaster" and promised to campaign "as hard as I can" for former Vice President Joe Biden in a Friday call with 3,000 people who served in his administration.

A recording of the call was obtained by Yahoo News. Katie Hill,  Obama's communications director, confirmed the call to CBS News. In addressing the Trump administration's response to the global coronavirus pandemic, Obama cited concerns about division and tribalism in the country and internationally. That has contributed to an "anemic and spotty" response to the health crisis, Obama said.

While the challenge would be difficult for any government to address, it has been an "absolute chaotic disaster" in the U.S., he said. Obama blamed a "mindset of 'what's in it for me' and 'to heck with everyone else'" in President Donald Trump's administration.

Social distancing regulations in the U.S. have largely been determined by local authorities rather than the federal government. States have rolled out a patchwork of constantly changing rules that vary down to the county or city level at times.

U.S. coronavirus cases have reached about 1.3 million and deaths have topped 77,000. During the call, Obama also reacted to the Justice Department dropping its criminal case against Trump’s first national security adviser, Michael Flynn, saying he worried that the “basic understanding of rule of law is at risk.”

Obama has infrequently criticized Trump in the past. In late March, Obama appeared to take a swipe at Trump's initial skepticism of the coronavirus pandemic. "We've seen all too terribly the consequences of those who denied warnings of a pandemic," Obama tweeted March 31, without directly naming the president.

Obama weighed in on the federal response to the coronavirus outbreak in the context of warning about the impact of Trump's decision to ease up on fuel-efficiency standards the Democratic president had put in place to combat climate change.

Trump has claimed his administration's response to the pandemic saved "millions of lives," often citing moves to restrict China and Europe as successes. In the White House's response to Obama's latest remarks, press secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not mention Obama directly.

“President Trump’s coronavirus response has been unprecedented and saved American lives,” she said. “While Democrats were pursuing a sham witch hunt against President Trump, President Trump was shutting down travel from China. “While Democrats encouraged mass gatherings, President Trump was deploying PPE, ventilators, and testing across the country,” she said.

Last weekend, former President George W. Bush released a video encouraging Americans to stand up to the coronavirus pandemic that did not mention Trump, an omission that led to harsh criticism from Trump.

٭ ‎‎دنیا بھر میں کورونا اموات 1 لاکھ 92 ہزار سے زائد ٭ ملک میں کورونا کے مجموعی کیسز کی تعداد 11155 ہوگئی، 237 جاں بحق ٭ وفاقی حکومت نے 9 مئی تک لاک ڈاؤن میں توسیع کردی٭ صدر ٹرمپ کی جراثیم کش انجکشن لگانے کی مضحکہ تجویز پر ماہرین برہم ٭ پاکستان میں جولائی تک کورونا متاثرین کی تعداد 2لاکھ تک پہنچ سکتی ہے،عالمی ادارہ صحت ٭ سندھ میں رمضان المبارک کیلیے ضابطہ کار تیار؛ ہفتے میں 4 روز کاروبار کی اجازت ہوگی ٭ پنجاب میں سحری کے اوقات میں دکانیں کھولنے کی اجازت دے دی گئی ٭ کورونا کے معاملے پر کسی ملک یا عالمی ادارے نے ایک ڈالر بھی مدد نہیں کی، وزیراعظم ٭ بھارت ہندوتوا اور دہشت گردی کو فروغ دے رہا ہے، ترجمان پاک فوج ٭ وزیراعظم کورونا سے لڑرہے ہیں اورن لیگ عمران خان اورنیب پربرس رہی ہے، فردوس عاشق ٭ وزیراعظم کا ٹریس اینڈ ٹریک سسٹم متعارف کرانے کا اعلان ٭ ملائیشیا میں پھنسے 250 پاکستانی خصوصی پرواز سے کراچی پہنچ گئے ٭ خواتین ڈاکٹرز کی بھی سخت لاک ڈاؤن کی اپیل ٭ سعودی عرب میں مزید 1172 کورونا مریضوں کی تصدیق ٭