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Prof. Dato Dr. Nik Muhammad Nik Majid, my Ph.D. Agroforestry Studies, Supervisor, at the Faculty of Forestry, Univeriti Putra Malaysia delivering a Graduate seminar on "How to Write a Research project proposal for Ph. D. Forestry and M. Sc. Forestry degrees.       

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ISLAMABAD: The Islamabad High Court (IHC) on sought replies from three government departments after it  reserved a verdict in a case pertaining to the improper care of animals at the Islamabad zoo. The IHC sought replies in the case from the Ministry of Climate Change, the Municipal Corporation of Islamabad, and the wildlife department of the federal government, according to sources.

Chief Justice IHC Athar Minallah directed the government departments to submit a detailed report on the questions highlighted by the court on April 27. The court will announce the reserved verdict on April 30.

'Court wants to see animals treated humanely'

In a hearing held into the case on Saturday afternoon, Secretary Climate Change Naheed Bukhari, the mayor of the federal capital, and a wildlife department official from Islamabad appeared in the high court. "The court wants to see animals treated in a humane manner and has thus exercised caution in this case," Justice Minallah said in his remarks during the hearing on Saturday afternoon.

"Three government departments were given the responsibility of taking care of the animals at the zoo. The court expresses extreme disappointment in the case with a heavy heart," he added. 'Why are animals caged if they cannot be cared for?' "An elephant at the zoo, obtained as a gift from another country, is being kept at the zoo in painful conditions," he said. "Why are animals caged if they cannot be cared for?" he asked Bukhari during the hearing.

"Why should the court not transfer the animals at the zoo to a temporary shelter?" he further asked Bukhari. Justice Minallah observed that those who wanted to take care of animals were demoralised. "The court had high hopes of you, madame secretary, but the ones who wanted to take care of animals have been issued show-cause notices," Justice Minallah lamented during his conversation with Bukhari.

"People are under a lockdown and still unafraid. Even those who go to zoos are sometimes involved in paining animals because they are unaware of proper guidelines," he noted. "Three government departments together cannot get the affairs of a small zoo in order," he observed. "The court has seen the mayor of Islamabad is completely helpless," he said. "Every department is playing politics over the zoo while the animals are in pain," Justice Minallah said. 

٭ ‎‎دنیا بھر میں کورونا اموات 1 لاکھ 92 ہزار سے زائد ٭ ملک میں کورونا کے مجموعی کیسز کی تعداد 11155 ہوگئی، 237 جاں بحق ٭ وفاقی حکومت نے 9 مئی تک لاک ڈاؤن میں توسیع کردی٭ صدر ٹرمپ کی جراثیم کش انجکشن لگانے کی مضحکہ تجویز پر ماہرین برہم ٭ پاکستان میں جولائی تک کورونا متاثرین کی تعداد 2لاکھ تک پہنچ سکتی ہے،عالمی ادارہ صحت ٭ سندھ میں رمضان المبارک کیلیے ضابطہ کار تیار؛ ہفتے میں 4 روز کاروبار کی اجازت ہوگی ٭ پنجاب میں سحری کے اوقات میں دکانیں کھولنے کی اجازت دے دی گئی ٭ کورونا کے معاملے پر کسی ملک یا عالمی ادارے نے ایک ڈالر بھی مدد نہیں کی، وزیراعظم ٭ بھارت ہندوتوا اور دہشت گردی کو فروغ دے رہا ہے، ترجمان پاک فوج ٭ وزیراعظم کورونا سے لڑرہے ہیں اورن لیگ عمران خان اورنیب پربرس رہی ہے، فردوس عاشق ٭ وزیراعظم کا ٹریس اینڈ ٹریک سسٹم متعارف کرانے کا اعلان ٭ ملائیشیا میں پھنسے 250 پاکستانی خصوصی پرواز سے کراچی پہنچ گئے ٭ خواتین ڈاکٹرز کی بھی سخت لاک ڈاؤن کی اپیل ٭ سعودی عرب میں مزید 1172 کورونا مریضوں کی تصدیق ٭